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Welcome to, the home for the Jaws scripting solution for Magix Samplitude ProX4 and ProX4 Suite.
Samplitude Access is a comprehensive scripting solution for blind and visually impaired musicians around the world. It allows independent use of this extremely
complex software via the Jaws screenreader, empowering the user and enabling them to access a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) environment. It’s aim is
to facilitate without any limitations, giving equal access to all aspects of this software and therefore, levelling the playing field between a sighted
and blind/visually impaired user.

Samplitude Access was started in April of 2015 by Steve Spamer and Tim Burgess,with its launch on July 1st 2016. Since the initial few months of its creation,
Steve has been the soul developer while Tim has offered his vast knowledge and support to the projects development. Now in 2019, with the launch of build X4V7.0 for (the latest Samplitude ProX4), and build V6.0, (for Samplitude ProX3), the project is at the cutting edge of accessibility for this comprehensive access solution for blind and visually impaired users.

Thanks must go out to the samplitude Access beta team, who all give their time freely. Without them, it would be an incredibly difficult task to keep the
project moving forward…so, thanks to:
Len Viljoen
-for his superb beta testing, enthusiasm, support and suggestions.

Phil Muir
-again, for his tireless work in beta testing, along with his invaluable input into the samplitude Access documentation.
Can Kirca
– For his valued dedication, knowledge and development of the Samplitude Access installer.