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Samplitude Access Scripts For Samplitude ProX3 and ProX4





Release date: 03.06.2019.

Samplitude Access is now available for both Samplitude ProX3 and ProX4, so please read below for details on each version of the scripts.

Samplitude Access X4V7.0 is probably one of the most significant builds during the whole development of this accessibility solution. It was initially focusing on some core functions of the scripts, but it soon became clear that what was being re-written and addressed was making this into a major release. So, we decided to go straight to V7.0, bypassing any minor build versions, which may be interpreted as just some small fixes.

Previously, it was clear that due to Samplitudes pretty unforgiving nature, along with the specific way we need to interact with the program, it was often possible to execute unrelated actions within focussed windows. This had a knock on affect with the focus change, therefore creating issues for the user. So, with a totally re-written focus change function and specific work done to avoid any unrelated actions being executed, this brings what we hope is a very robust and stable environment for the user to work in.

Add to that, the core configuration used has been changed, and the Time Display is now placed on a docker, along with the Visualization, which means the Time Display is no longer needed as a floating window. This has a pretty big impact on how the screen reader gains focus in some situations, hence this contributes to the overall stability.

The Midi Editor has had yet another major re-design and now offers a very powerful set of commands to work with midi data, giving the user many options over any existing material, along with full control over any inserted notes. With a range of commands to select and insert midi, this aspect of Samplitude Access takes the accessibility to another level.

There has also been quite a significant change to specific areas of the scripts, which means keys have been removed, added or re-located, so please bear this in mind and make sure you read the included documentation. This redesign includes moving how any loaded plugin is handled, how we access effects menus and open the Plugin Browser. A host of new features have been added, and it’s now possible to insert single tracks, multiple tracks, submix buses, auxiliary buses, and folders easily with a keystroke. Access each of the 5 plugin slots on a single object, edit any audio quickly and easily by launching the Wave Editor directly from the track level, and get access to the very latest plugin features like channel assignment, transpose and change the instrument directly from the VIP/Arranger.


Also included is a brand new advanced object selection solution.  This is separate from the standard way of working with objects, but it gives total control to the user, allowing contiguous, non contiguous and multi selection of objects across multiple tracks.


With a host of other additions and fixes, this release offers more stability and choices than ever before. Finally, as these major changes were made primarily in X4V7.0, I took the decision to bring all of this to existing X3 users. So, be assured, apart from features not available in Samplitude X3, all of this is now available for X3 users as well!

Note: With the release of Samplitude Pro X4 in early December, and the x4V7.0 scripts now being specifically developed, Samplitude Access V6.0 is the final actively
developed build for Samplitude Pro X3. This decision has been taken, as it will no longer be possible to allow the V6.0 scripts to co-exist within any
X4 scripts, due to many reasons, but specifically due to the amount of time needed to give to the project. So, any further development
will be firmly on keeping Samplitude Access up to date with the current Samplitude release. However, there maybe occasions where any reported bugs could
be addressed in the 6.0 version, if time allows.


Support will be exclusively for Windows 10, however the scripts may work perfectly well under Windows 7, but have not been tested, so please bear this in mind. It is also recommended to use a higher screen resolution, above and not including 1024X768, as again, performance will be improved and both the program and the scripts require this to work optimally.

Note: Jaws 2019 is now officially supported, but it is highly recommended that users only use Jaws with the legacy driver, as the new method for screen capture that is being developed, is far too irratic and unpredictable at the moment.

Remember, please read the included documentation to configure the scripts and to read about all of the many updates in full.

Samplitude Access x4V7.0 brand new key features:

    • new, full support for the very latest midi options in the vIP/arranger.
    • new, full support for the new Plugin Browser.
    • New, Specific track selection in the track Manager, allowing actions to be made on multiple tracks at once in the VIP/Arranger.
    • new, support for the default Samplitude carbon skin.
    • new, totally re-written functions that handle focus and specific window actions.
    • many bug fixes and issues addressed.

Samplitude Access X4V7.0 key features (also applies to X3V6.0):

  • New, Further options and commands to work with objects via the new advanced object selection method.
  • new, the Time Display is no longer a floating window and is now positioned on the docker.
  • new, query and access any loaded plugin easily with a re-designed Effects Mode.
  • new, a host of new commands to select, edit and insert midi in the re-designed Midi editor.
  • new, insert tracks, multiple tracks, submix buses, auxilary buses and folders easily via dedicated keystrokes in the VIP/arranger.
  • new, manage and access all plugin slots for objects in the Object Editor.
  • new, now edit audio objects destructively directly from the track level in the wave Editor.
  • new, work within only specific focused windows with the assurance external keystrokes and actions cannot be executed.
  • New, support for the remix Agent.
  • New, support for destructive single file editing.
  • New, edit existing BPM tempo markers.
  • New, full support for the Tap Tempo dialog.
  • New, alter the BPM of audio with musical adjustment.
  • New, a totally recoded select notes of the same pitch in the Midi Editor.
  • New, Scripts now inform you if you try to close any window that could impact on the scripts performance.
  • New, plus many bug fixes and performance enhancements.
  • Includes a 32 bit and 64 bit installer.
  • The VIP-Arranger UI has been re-configured to give greater stability for specific windows.
  • Gives full support for all scrubbing options.
  • Scrub easily with the left and right bracket keys.
  • Change playback speed from all 4 available options on the fly.
  • Virtually all keystrokes are now mirroring Samplitude’s native keystrokes, and are arranged to maximize the users workflow.
  • Edit, copy, cut all tracks in a folder at once.
  • Tab and transport position has been optimized to give the best possible results.
  • Access a host of new options directly from the VIP/Arranger.
  • More solo options with solo exclusive.
  • Reading meters is now available directly from the VIP and no longer relies on the Visualization window being open, as it only opens the window when needed.
  • directly Switch zoom levels on the fly, toggle grid, auto crossfade, snap and time format options and work with transport movements as little as 1MS/half a tick.
  • Get spoken feedback of object volume and object mute status directly from the VIP.
  • A totally re-written Midi Editor brings flexibility and a new workflow to the user.
  • Select multiple contiguous/non contiguous objects, manage grouped objects and keep track of your objects in a project with the new Object Manager scripts.
  • Select multiple contiguous/non contiguous tracks and move tracks up/down in the new track Manager scripts.
  • Tab through only the relevant controls in the track Editor that are not available in the VIP.
  • Create a DDP easily with the new set of DDPExport scripts.
  • Extensive scripting for Independence now allows you to route instruments to their own channels, split instruments like drum kit pieces to their separate outputs and access controls like volume, pan, attack and release…plus more.
  • The guitar/bass plugin Vandal is now heavily supported. It gives access to amps, amp types, stompboxes, microphones, scenes and a whole host of routing possibilities.
  • Plus many more changes! Please read all the included documentation for details.

Samplitude Access overall key features:

  • Includes easily accessible keyboard help.
  • Includes extensive help documentation.
  • Works at every possible level with Samplitude natively.
  • Offers an intuitive and efficient workflow.
  • From track creation and mastering to DDP export, Samplitude Access gives you full support from beginning to end.
  • Extensive audio and midi features enables the user to work easily and efficiently.
  • Keyboard support at every level of operation.
  • Easily manage tracks, objects and plugins.
  • Offers extended support for 3rd party plugins.
  • Configure your own personal verbosity to suit your workflow and preference.
  • Offers extensive HSC support via a host of included HSC (HotspotClicker sets).
  • Get support from other VIP users via a dedicated mailing list.
  • Plus many more features.
  • n

As always, huge thanks go out to the beta team, Phil, Len and Can, for their invaluable input into this project!

Download Samplitude Access X4V7.0 and X3V6.0 Jaws Scripts

Download Samplitude Access X4V7.0


Download Samplitude Access X3V6.0

Please find below downloads to basic installers for Samplitude Pro X4, Pro X4 Suite, Pro X3 and Samplitude Pro X3 Suite, which when run will download the full installers from the Internet. After installing, please remember to update to the very latest available build via the Help/Magix Auto Update menu option. You can also obtain the latest Samplitude ProX and Samplitude ProX Suite patches from the Magix Service Centre (see below for details).

Click Here To Download The Samplitude Pro X4 Suite Trial

Click Here To Download The Samplitude Pro X4 Trial

Click Here To Download The Samplitude Pro X3 Suite Trial

Click Here To Download The Samplitude Pro X3 Trial

If you are running Samplitude Pro X4, X4 Suite, X3 or Pro X3 Suite then you will find that patches are available in the Service Center to update.
MAGIX Pro Audio – Service Center

AHK Script For Komplete Kontrol Stand Alone/VST Patch Saving

For Windows 7 and Windows 10 only.

1. These scripts were written with AHK in Windows 10, with KompleteKontrol V1.81 X64 stand alone/VST and will hopefully work with other configurations, but there are no guarantees.
2. The VST keystroke has been tested in Windows 10 with the latest Samplitude, as well as Reaper configured to use the in “Dedicated process per plugin” VST bridging compatibility mode, (Could possibly work with other VST configurations, but not tested).
You can change this at the following location in Reaper:
Note: Sonar has currently only been tested in Windows 7.
3. This script uses SAPI 5X for speech output, it will probably not work if you don’t have this installed for some reason, but Windows 7 and 10 have it by default.
4. They are presented “as is”, but if you think further things could be added, then get in touch via the
contact page
with your suggestions.

3. To access the controls the set was initially done to make accessible:
A. Run the “KK.exe” by entering on it.
B. Open Komplete Kontrol stand alone or insert the Komplete Kontrol VST and edit a patch, (if you want to save an edited patch).
C. Press control+comma to open the preferences dialog.
D. Press control+shift+6 for the libraries/User tabb, then control+shift+A, R and U are available to you to add a library, rescan or enable/disable automatic scan on start up respectively. Note: control+shift+R for Rescan is also available in the Libraries/Factory Tab by pressing control+shift+7.
E. If you want to save an edited patch in the VST, simply edit your patch, press control+shift+S to save it, enter a name for the patch and click OK. SAPI will announce when the patch has been saved. You will then find your edited patch in the user/specific synth you were using.

Exit the AHK app=Control+Shift+X

SAPI Speech Feedback (only available in KK stand alone):
Control+Shift+9=Decrease Speech Volume
Control+Shift+0=Increase Speech Volume
Control+Shift+Dash=Decrease Speech Rate
Control+Shift+Equals=Increase Speech Rate
Control+Shift+Backspace=Stop Speech

Any Tab:
Control+Comma=Toggle preferences open/close

Tab Keystrokes:
Control+Shift+1=Audio Tab
Control+Shift+2=Midi Tab
Control+Shift+3=General Tab
Control+Shift+4=Hardware Tab
Control+Shift+5=Plugins Tab
Control+Shift+6=Libraries/User Tab
Control+Shift+7=Libraries/Factory Tab

Libraries/User Tab:
Control+Shift+A=Add Library
Control+Shift+U=Toggle automatic scan on start up on/off

Libraries/Factory Tab:

When Komplete Kontrol is loaded as a VST:
Control+Shift+S=Save As, (for saving any edited patch in the user directory).
Note: After saving, it doesn’t seem necessary to rescan, as in testing all saved patches show under User/Specific Synth when using the S controller.

Download Komplete Komtrol Stand Alone-~VST Saving AHK</u.