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Download Samplitude Access V8.1Jaws Scripts

Remember, Samplitude Access has taken a huge amount of dedication, investment and many hundreds of hours to create. It’s continued support is done on a voluntary basis, but if you feel that this project has made a difference to yourself and wish to support the project, please consider donating via the button below, it will be very much appreciated and will allow the development to continue.

Jaws scripts:
Download Samplitude Access V8.1

Download Samplitude Access V8.X documentation

Samplitude Pro X4/Pro X4 Suite trial versions:
Note: after installing, please remember to update to the very latest available build via the Help/Magix Auto Update menu option. You can also obtain the latest Samplitude ProX and Samplitude ProX Suite patches from the Magix Service Centre, (see below for details).

Click Here To Download The Samplitude Pro X4 Suite Trial
Click Here To Download The Samplitude Pro X4 Trial

If you are running Samplitude Pro X4 or X4 Suite then you will find that patches are available in the Service Center to update.
MAGIX Pro Audio – Service Center