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Samplitude Access V5.0

Samplitude Access build V5.0 is a major update from V4.0 and is specifically for Windows 10 and the latest available Samplitude ProX3 version, which currently is V14.298.

Having been reworked in many of the core areas of the script, with many more features and performance improvements, we feel this will enhance every aspect of the user experience. From increased workflow options to specific features that give greater control and choice,, the interaction and feedback any VI musician needs has been addressed.
Also, with the addition of a dedicated installer, offering the ability to manage virtually every aspect of the install process, it allows the user to be in total control of their own specific installation needs. Choose which version of Jaws you wish to install to, decide if you need any HSC sets and disable the problematic Magix low latency driver, it’s all covered!

Support will be exclusively for Windows 10, however the scripts may work perfectly well under Windows 7, but have not been tested, so please bear this in mind. It is also recommended to use a higher screen resolution, above and not including 1024X768, as again, performance will be improved and both the program and scripts require this to work optimally.

Please read the included documentation to configure the scripts and to read about all of the many updates.

A few of the major updates are:

  • No longer lose focus when alt tabbing into samplitude.
  • A big performance boost for the user. With the redesign of the scripts and the core functionality, the whole experience with using Jaws in Samplitude is massively improved.
  • You can now get feedback of any soloed, muted or armed tracks at the push of a keystroke via the Track Manager.
  • Navigate the VIP/Arranger by jumping up or down 10 tracks at a time.
  • Move to the upper or lower sections of the VIP/arranger. E.g, move from track 1 to the bottom track or from the bottom track to the first track with 1 keystroke.
  • When moving up/down tracks in the VIP/arranger, you will now hear the last control you were on. E.g, You’re on track 1, on the solo control. Moving down to track 2 will announce track 2, along with the state of track 2’s solo control.
  • Manage any visible marker in Marker Mode. Rename, move to, delete and edit any numbered or named marker. Currently supports track and tempo markers.
  • Get the feedback you need with more verbosity options:
  • A. Announce visible objects when zooming. When zooming choose to hear if an object is selected or not.
    B. Announce if objects are selected when using selection keystrokes. Turn off the feedback of selected objects and bypass the visible aspect of the script. Simply use the object audition keystroke to hear selected objects.
    C. Open loaded plugins directly in the plugin dialog. Decide whether you want to open any currently loaded plugin directly in the plugin dialog or keep the default action and open them in the parameter dialog.
    D. Decrease track navigation. Turn this on for the shortest delay for track identification, turn it off to slightly increase the track delay, useful for people experiencing incorrect track announcement.

  • It’s now possible to create your own custom tempo map easily and accessibly.
  • Now easily get position and length information on any selected object.
  • Switch between bars/beats and hours/minutes/seconds format with a keystroke and get accurate positional information.
  • Have a key alternative to the menu optionfor switching between the plugin/parameter dialogs and vice versa.
  • Now use the standard control tab/control shift tab keys to move through tabs in the Object Editor or any open plugin and the VIP/Arranger.
  • Launch the Samplitude Access read me or keystrokes guide directly from Samplitude.
  • Plus many more fixes and overall improvements!

Download Samplitude Access V5.0 Jaws Scripts

Download Samplitude Access build V5.0

Please find below downloads to basic installers for Samplitude Pro X3 and Samplitude Pro X3 Suite, which when run will download the full installers from the Internet. After installing, please remember to update to the very latest available build via the Help/Magix Auto Update menu option. You can also obtain the latest Samplitude ProX and Samplitude ProX Suite patches from the Magix Service Centre (see below for details).

Click Here To Download The Samplitude Pro X3 Suite Trial

Click Here To Download The Samplitude Pro X3 Trial

Iff you are running Samplitude Pro X3 or Pro X3 Suite then you will find that patches are available in the Service Center to update to (DC2). Or if you are running Samplitude Pro X2 and Samplitude Pro X2 Suite to version You will find them in the:
MAGIX Pro Audio – Service Center


AHK Script For Komplete Kontrol Stand Alone/VST Patch Saving


For Windows 7 and Windows 10 only.

1. These scripts were written with AHK in Windows 10, with KompleteKontrol V1.81 X64 stand alone/VST and will hopefully work with other configurations, but there are no guarantees.
2. The VST keystroke has been tested in Windows 10 with the latest Samplitude, as well as Reaper configured to use the in “Dedicated process per plugin” VST bridging compatibility mode, (Could possibly work with other VST configurations, but not tested).
You can change this at the following location in Reaper:
Note: Sonar has currently only been tested in Windows 7.
3. This script uses SAPI 5X for speech output, it will probably not work if you don’t have this installed for some reason, but Windows 7 and 10 have it by default.
4. They are presented “as is”, but if you think further things could be added, then get in touch via the
contact page
with your suggestions.

3. To access the controls the set was initially done to make accessible:
A. Run the “KK.exe” by entering on it.
B. Open Komplete Kontrol stand alone or insert the Komplete Kontrol VST and edit a patch, (if you want to save an edited patch).
C. Press control+comma to open the preferences dialog.
D. Press control+shift+6 for the libraries/User tabb, then control+shift+A, R and U are available to you to add a library, rescan or enable/disable automatic scan on start up respectively. Note: control+shift+R for Rescan is also available in the Libraries/Factory Tab by pressing control+shift+7.
E. If you want to save an edited patch in the VST, simply edit your patch, press control+shift+S to save it, enter a name for the patch and click OK. SAPI will announce when the patch has been saved. You will then find your edited patch in the user/specific synth you were using.

Exit the AHK app=Control+Shift+X

SAPI Speech Feedback (only available in KK stand alone):
Control+Shift+9=Decrease Speech Volume
Control+Shift+0=Increase Speech Volume
Control+Shift+Dash=Decrease Speech Rate
Control+Shift+Equals=Increase Speech Rate
Control+Shift+Backspace=Stop Speech

Any Tab:
Control+Comma=Toggle preferences open/close

Tab Keystrokes:
Control+Shift+1=Audio Tab
Control+Shift+2=Midi Tab
Control+Shift+3=General Tab
Control+Shift+4=Hardware Tab
Control+Shift+5=Plugins Tab
Control+Shift+6=Libraries/User Tab
Control+Shift+7=Libraries/Factory Tab

Libraries/User Tab:
Control+Shift+A=Add Library
Control+Shift+U=Toggle automatic scan on start up on/off

Libraries/Factory Tab:

When Komplete Kontrol is loaded as a VST:
Control+Shift+S=Save As, (for saving any edited patch in the user directory).
Note: After saving, it doesn’t seem necessary to rescan, as in testing all saved patches show under User/Specific Synth when using the S controller.


Download Komplete Komtrol Stand Alone-~VST Saving AHK</u.