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AHK Script For Komplete Kontrol Stand Alone VST Patch Saving

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Komplete Kontrol and the S series of keyboards are giving excellent access to previously inaccessible plugins for blind and visually impaired users, but there are still some aspects that still remain a frustration. These are simple settings or actions that enable the user to add libraries for scanning and saving any edited patch in their user area.

The KKStandAlone-VSTSaving AHK scripts allow these areas to be accessed, enabling any user to have greater access over what they create or what libraries they can scan. It works in conjunction with the SAPI voice engine, giving feedback and an accessible interface to all of these previously inaccessible areas.

The scripts have currently been tested with the latest Samplitude ProX3 and Reaper, in Windows 7 and 10…and Sonar V8.5 in Windows 7, (not yet tested with Sonar V8.5 in Windows 10). So, if you have success with Sonar V8.5 in Windows 10, please let me know and I’ll tick that one off :).

To download the scripts and read about all the supported keystrokes/functions, please go to the
Downloads page

Have fun and let us know how you get on!

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