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System Requirements

The scripts have been tested on Windows 7 and 10 64 bit running Samplitude Pro X3 Suite and on a Mac Book Pro running Bootcamp software on Windows 7 Professional and Windows 10 Professional. All machines were running Jaws 17.

We absolutely do not recommend attempting to use Samplitude in a virtual environment any kind of VM ware on a Mac E.G. 32 bit Windows 10 on a 64 bit supported Mac. Please do not do this under any circumstances as we do not support running the Samplitude scripts or Samplitude like this as we cannot guarantee that Samplitude will run optimally due to Windows components not being present E.G. video drivers required to run the Jaws screen reader etc.

Further more, performance in Samplitude will be terrible because when you run Windows 10 in a virtual machine, you are affectively running 2 operating systems at the same time. You can if you wish run Windows on a Mac using Boot camp software. This method is officially supported by Apple and by far is the best way to achieve optimum functionality, as Windows will be running as a single operating system in its own environment and Apple provide Windows drivers for all of the devices on your Mac such as the video display etc. For more information on all of the above go to the “how to install Windows on a Mac page”, on: the
Mac World Website

HotSpotClicker is no longer required to run Samplitude Access, as it is not connected within the code, although the HSC Sets for Windows 7 and 10 are still
distributed along with the download. In order to use any 3rd party HSC sets, you are now required to manually switch to these files from the Samplitude
VST scripts when a plugin is loaded. This allows for independent use of Samplitude and gives the choice to the user whether or not they want to work within
the HSC environment. For HSC use, please read the excellent documentation shipped with the HSC download.