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Control tabbing btween the VIP/Arranger and an open plugin in Samplitude Access v4

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Moving between the VIP/arranger and any open plugin in Samplitude ProX3 has previously not been possible. The usual way of working would be to close any open plugin in order to access the VIP/Arranger, then re-open the plugin again.

Now, with Samplitude Access v4, the user can control tab between these 2 windows, making it possible to access controls on both without closing the plugin first. As different plugins have different UI’s, designs and sizes etc, the available controls in the VIP/arranger may be obscured if the UI is too big. So, a screen resolution above 1024X768 is required to use this feature. This is because there is not enough screen estate to display both windows effectively. If you try to control tab and your screen resolution is 1024X768 or lower, then I’m afraid the scripts will tell you and you won’t be able to.

It perhaps isn’t something you will often use, but it’s a neat little option if you want to take advantage of it. Below is a brief audio demonstration of how it works and why it could be handy.

Download Audio:

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