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Len Viljoen latest album completely produced in Magix Samplitude

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I’m Len Viljoen from South Africa. I am a visually impaired Gospel Singer for the last 20 years. I also have my own studio where i produce music productions for myself, as well as other people. I use to work in Cakewalk Sonar because the program was made accessible to me as a blind person by 3rd party developers. About 3 years ago i switched to Samplitude, not knowing what major difference this switch would bring to my life. A new world of producing opened in front of me because of the wonderful work done by Steve Spamer and others to make this software accessible to me as a blind user. My latest album “Ek Sal Sing” translated it means “I Will Sing” was released in October 2018. This album was produced in it’s entirety in Samplitude, from pre production right through to the mastering stage. Click on the link below to listen to an excerpt of this album. Everything in this album was done by visually impaired artists. I myself did all producing, recording, mixing and mastering and also played in some of the instruments. Quinten Pendle played the piano and Phil Muir did the guitar tracking. What you hear in this clip is a testament to a wonderful piece of software with an accessibility solution 2nd to none.

Len Viljoen Ek Sal Sing Album Clip

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