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Non contiguous object selection with Samplitude Access V4

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One of Samplitude ProX3’s many strengths is its ability to work with objects. This enables the user to easily edit, add effects or copy these objects, making recording and mixing very intuitive and easy.

One major problem we’ve had so far with access is the ability to select non contiguous objects. This is because it’s been a huge challenge to navigate to other objects on other tracks in any kind of logical and accessible way. Now with Samplitude Access V4, that problem has now been overcome!

In the below audio demonstration, Steve shows how it is now possible to easily select different objects on different tracks and manipulate them as a group, rather than individual objects. This is a big step forward in leveling the playing field between the sighted and visually impaired user of Samplitude…and it will prove to be a well used feature I’m sure!

Download Audio:

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