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Welcome to, the home for the Jaws scripting solution for Magix Samplitude ProX.
Samplitude Access is a comprehensive scripting solution for blind and visually impaired musicians around the world. It allows independent use of this extremely
complex software via the Jaws screen reader, empowering the user and enabling them to access a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) environment. It’s aim is
to facilitate without any limitations, giving equal access to all aspects of this software and therefore, levelling the playing field between a sighted
and blind/visually impaired user.

It offers unrivalled support in virtually every aspect of Samplitude, allowing you to record, edit, mix and master your creations. Work with audio or midi easily at the level you’re comfortable with, while getting the feedback you need every step of the way. Dig deeper with precise editing, comp your takes, work with plugins via the native UI, access plugin parameters, work with audio and midi objects easily and master your creations with some of the best tools in the business.

Some of the main features in Samplitude access

  • Help available every step of the way. Keyboard help, specific page help, a full help topics list, verbosity help options and detailed HTML documents.
  • Braille support for tempo tracks, track number, name, solo, mute, record, time/position and the ACT, Max and RMS meters.
  • Work with and manage tracks, busses, aux buses, folders and audio/midi objects in the main VIP/arranger.
  • Get full access to precise object editing in the audio and midi object editors.
  • Comp your takes to your liking in the Take Composer.
  • Have control over every aspect of your midi in the Midi Editor. From quantize, step input, the event list, keyboard editing and keystroke manipulation to precise note placement.
  • Work with plugins directly in the UI or via the parameter dialog.
  • Support for virtually all Samplitudes plugins and instruments like the Restoration Suite (ProX Suite only), Multiband Dynamics, SMax11, Multiband Stereo Enhancer, DNE-1, the Vita suite of instruments and Independence.
  • Support for 3rd party instruments like Kontakt 5 and 6.
  • Support for add on scripts.
  • Total control over markers, grouped objects, ranges, media, and tracks in all the managers.
  • Insert, edit and manage all aspects of automation from automation shapes, volume, pan and EQ to specific plugin automation.
  • Easily access and manage all aspects of the basics like tempo, time signature, tap tempo, punch recording, looping, ranges, routing, configuration, monitoring and track solo, mute, volume, pan, and record status.
  • Freeze tracks, move tracks, re-arrange tracks, arrange tracks into folders, control sends in the Track Aux Send Routing window, add/ manage effects on specific objects, group/ungroup objects and query track, solo, mute and record status.
  • Query range sizes, object sizes, marker positions and object peak values.
  • Query controls easily with the quick controls for the most important controls on the track strip.
  • Get detailed ACT, MAX and RMS meter values in the Visualization window.
  • Toggle scrub modes and scrub easily with a keystroke.
  • Switch between different transport movement amounts or switch playback speed with a simple keystroke.
  • Access all that Samplitude has to offer like the Stereo Editor, Advanced Track Panning, Crossfade Editor, Wave Editor, Batch Processing, Normalization, EQ116, Remix Agent, keyboard splits, VCA routing, the Mixer and much much more!