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Samplitude Access V9.03 Jaws scripts Released

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Samplitude Access V9.03 Jaws scripts have been released, bringing even more access to Samplitude ProX!

For Samplitude ProX Suite owners,you can now access the range of plugins the restoration Suite has to offer, giving you a wide range of options to work with your audio. Access the:

  • DeClicker-DeCrackler
  • DeClipper
  • DeHisser
  • DeNoiser
  • and the

  • Brilliance Enhancer.

Full support for the:

  • Stereo Editor
  • and the new

  • Track Panning
  • dialogs, now gives you even further options to work with your material.

There have been many “under the hood” improvements, such as:

  • More efficient transport handling
  • New methods of accessing problematic controls
  • the addition of further options in the Remix Agent
  • streamlining of specific location handling
  • new keystrokes to automation modes and midi interaction in the Midi Editor
  • in built handling for “add on” scripts
  • more options for customising your install and keeping previous configuration in tact
  • plus much more.

This release is specifically for Samplitude Pro x4 and Pro X5/Suite versions, but scripts for Samplitude Pro x6/Suite are soon to be released, but I’m just waiting for Magix to push out a specific update to the current X6 version, in which some issues have been addressed.

Moving forward, this will probably be the last available script version supporting X4 and X5, but any issues encountered by users will be addressed if necessary. All efforts will be on supporting and developing Samplitude X6/Suite in the future, as keeping current is the most important factor and there is only a certain amount of work that can be assigned to this. To download Samplitude Access V9.03 for Samplitude Pro X4- X5/Suite, head over to the
downloads page.