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Moving forward with the release of Samplitude Access V9.03 Jaws scripts for Samplitude Pro x6 and Pro x6 Suite

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Finally the Samplitude Access Jaws scripts for samplitude Pro x6 and Pro X6 Suite are here!

They’ve been quite a while in coming, due to some really challenging issues that needed specific attention, but I hope it’s been worth the wait. Whenever a new version of Samplitude is released, on the surface it seems like nothing has really changed apart from some new features, but this is quite different from the reality of supporting the accessibility within any new version. I won’t bore you with the details, but needless to say, a lot of time and effort has gone into supporting everything that’s changed in Samplitude X6 that may not be noticeable from the users point of view.

Thanks must go out to the devs at Magix for working with me to fix specific problems that X6 brought to the table, without that interaction with them, it probably wouldn’t be possible to get this support out, so thanks Magix. On that note, moving forward with the scripts and accessibility will be a very fluid situation in the coming months. There is potential for quite a few script changes/updates needed, so that further accessibility can be addressed with hopefully some very exciting news, so stay tuned.

Anyway, with the arrival of scripts for Samplitude X6, this means that I am no longer going to be developing/maintaining support for the x4 and x5 scripts. I only have a certain amount of time and, as previously stated, it’s important to keep current, hence any further development will be exclusively for Samplitude Pro x6 and Pro x6 Suite. If there are any major issues that are easily identified, then I will probably address those, but otherwise we’re looking forward folks!

The samplitude Access V9.03 scripts for X6 mirror all the changes made in the september build for X5 like support for the Restoration Suite of plugins, the new Track Panning dialog, updated stereo Editor, plus it gives support for new features like the Automation Panel, dockable Track editor, preset search in the Plugin browser, internal track to track recording, plus some specific additions unique to x6 that the scripts had to deal with. Most importantly though, the scripts have been amended in some areas to deal with any future changes that will be made natively by Magix.

It may sound simple, but preparing such a huge amount of script to be taken out is a very complex task, so a lot of time has gone into this particular aspect, but we won’t see any benefit to this just at the moment, but that will hopefully happen in the coming months, hence the fluid situation mentioned above.

I can see some pretty exciting times ahead if everything goes as planned, so I hope you can stay on this journey with me, as like I’ve said to many people before…Samplitude Access may not be the obvious choice for some, but it’s been a hell of an adventure! Enjoy!
head on over to the downloads page to grab the scripts!