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Samplitude Access is a comprehensive scripting solution for blind and visually impaired musicians around the world. It allows independent use of this extremely complex software via the Jaws screen reader, empowering the user and enabling them to access a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) environment. It’s aim is to facilitate without any limitations, giving equal access to all aspects of this software and therefore, levelling the playing field between a sighted and blind/visually impaired user.

Samplitude access is developed by steve Spamer and was launched on July 1st 2016. Development is still on-going and is giving an ever growing amount of visually impaired users access to this extremely powerful DAW

Empowering the user has always been the corner-stone of Steve’s efforts, and that will always be at the centre of any future development. However, Steve hopes that one day the ultimate goal of screen reader independent access to Samplitude will be achieved! Communication and efforts in this area is constantly being discussed with Magix, so hopefully, little by little, more and more native access can be added to Samplitude, which would make it a screen reader independent DAW…and that will be an amazing legacy for this project!

Projects like this never succeed without the efforts and dedication from specific individuals. So huge thanks must go out to:
Tim Burgess for his initial help and constant encouragement.

Len Viljoen, for his superb beta testing, enthusiasm, support and suggestions.

Len has an excellent set of audio tutorials that take visually impaired Samplitude users using the Samplitude Access X4 Jaws scripts solution from the basics in Samplitude such as creating projects, through to more advanced topics such as advanced midi editing and quantization. These audio tutorials can be purchased from Len for a very reasonable fee. He also has some great HsC sets that you can purchase for use in Samplitude. Feel free to:
E-mail Len

Phil Muir, again, for his tireless work in beta testing, along with his invaluable input into the samplitude Access documentation.

Feel free to checkout:
Phils Accessibility Training Website
Phil’s Music Production Website

Pete Torpey, for putting his amazing skills into the braille support for Samplitude Access V8.0.

Pete also is the developer of Jaws scripts for BIAB (Band in a box), as well as being a co-host of a superb podcast call Eyes On Success. So, please check out his other work:
Petes Jaws scripts for Band In a Box
The Eyes On Success radio show/podcast

Can Kirca, For his development of the Samplitude Access installer.

You can E-mail Can at:
[email protected]

Jim Snowbarger, the creator of HotSpotClicker (HSC) for his development of this amazing access tool. Without it 3rd party plugs wouldn’t be accessible and this project wouldn’t have got off the ground.

Check out:
Jim’s Website