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It’s finally here, Samplitude Access V9.1 for Samplitude ProX7 released!

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It’s finally here! Today I released the samplitude access V9.1 Jaws scripts for Samplitude ProX7, which includes a first real look at some native accessibility developed by Magix.

It’s been a bit of a challenge getting these scripts out, simply due to some skin changes and various other obstacles to overcome, but I think it’s been worth the wait, as the scripts have been streamlined to allow for some major native accessibility to be used. Although this native access still has a couple of known issues, I thought it was about time that users had the chance to experience this way of working, as it will benefit everyone in the long-term.

Things are now opened up in the Track Editor, a window that proved very problematic for us, due to the way it was designed, but now users will be able to access all the controls, something they have previously not been able to do. This approach will be mirrored in other areas of Samplitude in the near future, so getting a heads up on this aspect of accessibility will really be a positive for all the users.

Also, as X7 has undergone some specific changes when compared with X6, then moving forward we should be in a much better position with future ProX releases, hence any scripts should be out much quicker than before.

There has been many “under the hood” changes and bug fixes, which keeps consistency on the surface, but it also allows for easier integration for further native accessibility that’s been done, but not yet included. So, if you’ve been waiting for this, head on over to the:
downloads page
to get started, enjoy!.