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Samplitude Videos

There is a growing list of excellent videos recorded by visually impaired Samplitude users demonstrating how to use Samplitude with the Jaws scripts. You can watch them on the:
Samplitude Access You Tube Channel
Or, you can watch some fantastic videos put together by Kraznet. We like them because he often mentions keyboard shortcuts in his presentations.
Samplitude – Getting Started
Samplitude Pro X: The Object Editor Part 1 – An Overview
Samplitude/Sequoia – Using Aux FX
Samplitude Pro X: Audio Quantize
Samplitude Pro X : Create Midi Groove Template
SamplitudeSequoia-The Object Editor A Guided Tour (Full Version)
Samplitude – Working with Objects (Full Version)
Samplitude CD Mastering Part 1