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Samplitude Access V9.04 released: small updates and moving forward

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I’ve just released a small update to Samplitude Access, which is build V9.04. This update is for all current supported versions, which are:

  • Samplitude Pro X4/X4 Suite.
  • Samplitude Pro X5/X5 Suite.
  • Samplitude Pro X6/X6 Suite.

It fixes a few reported issues, namely:

  • Fixed: Tabbing around the Midi Quantize Settings would stop at a specific control if a groove pattern was selected in the QGrid menu.
  • Fixed: Some default controls were not enabled in the INI files, these were the “stereo master output” in the Visualization Window, marker on record position in the Range/Store Marker sub menu and “select midi data controller with notes” in the Midi Editor.
  • Fixed: Amended the speaking of the position when moving to the borders of objects and ranges, as on some machines the prior position was spoken prior to the changed position.

Specifically in X6, the keystrokes Control+Up/Down to move a plugin up/down in the Routing Window has been replaced with control+Shift+Up/Down. This is to mirror what the native access will be in an update in X6 expected early/mid December.

Lastly, V9.04 will be the final release for Samplitude Pro X4/X4 Suite and Samplitude Pro x5/X5 Suite, as any future development will be put towards moving forward with Samplitude X6/X6 Suite, due to some new and exciting changes expected in the coming months. Development from Magix is only targeted at this current release of Samplitude Pro x6, so, to keep up with those changes, I need to concentrate on X6 so we keep as current as possible.

As always, huge thanks to everyone who supports the samplitude Access project!