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Samplitude Access V9.05 for Samplitude ProX6 now available!

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Samplitude Access V9.05 for Samplitude Pro X6 has been released and it brings more features to the user. Work is still on going with this build of Samplitude, along side efforts to support the recently released Pro X7. Scripts for X7 are expected in the coming weeks, allowing current users to stay current, while being able to access the very latest Samplitude has to offer.

What’s in Samplitude Access V9.05:

    New: a jump to track feature.

  • Easily move to a track by typing in the track name or number.
  • New: Get spoken feedback on the track visualization meters.

  • Get spoken feedback on the signal running through each track meter via a keystroke.
  • From low, mid and high green through to low, mid and high red.
  • Get spoken feedback on the peak for the track meters.
  • Move to or speak the maximum peak for any given selected object.
  • New: Toggle the current track view state.

  • Toggle the track view from maximized, to show approximately 7 tracks to show all tracks.
  • Zoom in or out to show less or more tracks.
  • New: Access any objects takes if available directly.

  • Quickly open the menu for any objects takes, allowing for direct changes.
  • New: Get what tracks are frozen.

  • Get feedback on which tracks are currently frozen via a keystroke in the Track Manager.
  • Plus many bug fixes and improvements!.

It’s also hoped that in the near future, all the native accessibility work that has been on going, will be introduced, allowing for the script solution to be reduced, as well as giving native/non screen reader specific access to samplitude Pro X. Samplitude Access will still continue however, giving more in depth accessibility to this amazing program, but the choice of the user will increase, which has always been this projects goal!