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Samplitude Access V4.0 released!

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Samplitude Access V4.0 Released

It’s been a pretty long road and extremely hard work to get to this point, but I’m very proud to announce the latest release of Samplitude Access. This build (V4.0), is a major update to any previous scripts and takes this project to a whole new level.

There have been some huge challenges along the way, nothing more than working with Windows 10 and how the scripts need to integrate with this OS, but those challenges have been overcome, due to the dedicated approach and hard work.

It brings much more flexibility to the table and offers the user a host of new tools to add to their toolbox, which in turn will give a more seamless workflow. From the ability to select any combination of objects, support for pre/post audio and midi recording to full automation support on available parameters and more record options, it gives the user so much more choice and access then ever before.

Add to that, the huge amount of work done with the core script in order to make things as stable as possible, it all results in a very significant and exciting step forward in accessibility for our community. Future development will build upon this foundation, which has taken 18 months to reach.

I hope you will enjoy using Samplitude Access and it allows you to explore, create and develop as a blind or visually impaired musician.