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Samplitude Access V5.0 Released: A new installer, many more features and a whole new experience!

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I’m very proud to finally announce the latest release of Samplitude Access (V5.0). This release has been many months in the making and has taken a huge amount of work to get to where it is now. The script has been fundimentily reworked in the
core areas and broken up into a more modular design, which has benefited not only the overall performance, but it also allows for specific updates to be made more easily.

Firstly, my heartfelt thanks go out to the beta team, Phil, Can and len, who have worked tirelessy to get this release out to you all. The amount of work they have put in, the many hours of trouble shooting, testing and dedication they have put in is incredible and without their input, this release would never have been possible. Phil has done an incredible job with the documentation. At one time I thought he was writing a novel, but it really does address every aspect of Samplitude and working with the scripts, fantastic job Phil!

Len as always has been working the scripts to the maximum, highlighting possible issues and doing what any great test would do…and that’s keeping me on my toes :). His enthusiasm for the project really is a real boost when things get tough, so a massive thumbs up to you Len!

Secondly, before I get to the new updates, I want to give special thanks to Can Kirca, as the scripts and documentation are now available in a dedicated installer. This again, takes a great deal of work and a specific skill set to make a reality, so thank you Can for giving your knowledge and dedication to this project. Written specifically for the samplitude Access project, this installer will guide you through virtually every aspect of the install. From choosing versions of Jaws , if you wish to install any HSC sets, to disabling the Magix low latency driver, it’s all covered. This is really a great addition and will make the whole user experience much easier to manage.

Can is a super smart guy and his knowledge never ceases to amaze me, he really is a truely valued member of the team and this community, so a huge huge thanks from me can!!!

Ok , so here we go with a brief list of things to expect in samplitude Access V5.0.

  • No longer lose focus when alt tabbing into samplitude.
  • A big performance boost for the user. With the redesign of the scripts and the core functionality, the whole experience with using Jaws in Samplitude is massively improved.
  • You can now get feedback of any soloed, muted or armed tracks at the push of a keystroke via the Track Manager.
  • Navigate the VIP/Arranger by jumping up or down 10 tracks at a time.
  • Move to the upper or lower sections of the VIP/arranger. E.g, move from track 1 to the bottom track or from the bottom track to the first track with 1 keystroke.
  • When moving up/down tracks in the VIP/arranger, you will now hear the last control you were on. E.g, You’re on track 1, on the solo control. Moving down to track 2 will announce track 2, along with the state of track 2’s solo control.
  • Manage any visible marker in Marker Mode. Rename, move to, delete and edit any numbered or named marker. Currently supports track and tempo markers.
  • Get the feedback you need with more verbosity options:
  • A. Announce visible objects when zooming. When zooming choose to hear if an object is selected or not.
    B. Announce if objects are selected when using selection keystrokes. Turn off the feedback of selected objects and bypass the visible aspect of the script. Simply use the object audition keystroke to hear selected objects.
    C. Open loaded plugins directly in the plugin dialog. Decide whether you want to open any currently loaded plugin directly in the plugin dialog or keep the default action and open them in the parameter dialog.
    D. Decrease track navigation. Turn this on for the shortest delay for track identification, turn it off to slightly increase the track delay, useful for people experiencing incorrect track announcement.

  • It’s now possible to create your own custom tempo map easily and accessibly.
  • Now easily get position and length information on any selected object.
  • Switch between bars/beats and hours/minutes/seconds format with a keystroke and get accurate positional information.
  • Have a key alternative to the menu optionfor switching between the plugin/parameter dialogs and vice versa.
  • Now use the standard control tab/control shift tab keys to move through tabs in the Object Editor or any open plugin and the VIP/Arranger.
  • Launch the Samplitude Access read me or keystrokes guide directly from Samplitude.
  • Plus many more fixes and overall improvements!

Download page:
Click here