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Samplitude Access V8.0-A huge step forward and a new direction!

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Samplitude Access V8.0 is the most radical build of this access solution since it’s conception, and we are very proud to bring this release to the user! Major changes have been made to vast areas of the script in order to allow default behaviour to maximize accessibility, while allowing specific scripting to concentrate on those totally inaccessible areas. The result is a much more stream-lined approach to accessibility, as both the default actions and dedicated access work together, therefore the workflow and overall user experience has increased immeasurably.

Samplitude Access V8.0 incorporates all existing features into this dedicated framework, which builds upon the latest Jaws development. As Jaws is slowly moving over to using new methods of capturing the screen, we thought it was important to amend things so that this solution keeps current with new drivers, therefore there is support for both the legacy and new method of screen capture.

There’s additional support for native Samplitude keys and default actions, along with in depth access for many new features. From brand new braille support for track name/number, solo, mute, record, position and meters, access to the Take Composer, new features in the Object Editors, support for Kontakt 6, new quick keys to auto zooming and much much more!

So, we highly recommend any current user to switch to this brand new build, and enjoy the incredible workflow and user experience!Have fun!

download Samplitude access V8.0