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Samplitude Access V9.02 released: Taking a step towards native accessibility!

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samplitude Access V9.02 is the first build that has actually had script removed to allow for native accessibility to take over. This has always been the main thrust of the project and I’m pleased to say that we have now taken some significant steps forwards in this regard.

Magix have worked with me to make this possible and I hope this will continue in the future, so that we get as much native accessibility as possible in this amazing DAW. Of course, things can’t always happen at once, but every positive step forward is to be celebrated. The following areas of samplitude are now fully accessible with any screen reader, although some skeleton script still allow for querying your location:

  • the Plugin Browser
  • the Monitoring Window
  • the Parameter View
  • and the

  • Mixer.

There is also another major area of Samplitude that has been addressed, but there are still some small issues that need clearing up, so this will be made available in a future update.

Along with the move into native accessibility, this build now allows for saving and loading a workspace, which will allow a user to easily switch between different views. For example, if they work with a sighted user who needs a specific layout that would otherwise impact on the VIP’s configuration, then both users can work independently by switching workspaces. It also bypass’s the need to re-install core files that get replaced after an update to Samplitude, as a saved workspace can easily be loaded to reintroduce the needed configuration.

The V9.02 build also brings many more additions, along with a few feature requests and bug fixes, plus the ability to easily incorporate “add on” scripts, which give even further accessibility to 3rd party plugins and some bundled products that come with the Suite version.

In summary, I’m excited with the direction we’re moving and I hope you are to! Head on over to the
downloads page
to grab it!