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Keeping things current with Samplitude Access X4V6.0!

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As always, moving forward at a great pace, the Samplitude Access team are pleased to announce the release of Samplitude Access X4V6.0. These scripts bring superb access to the very latest Samplitude ProX4, keeping accessibility very much in line with the current samplitude version.

A huge amount of work has been done to keep things current, while adding and improving the user experience. From switching to the default Carbon skin to full support for the new Plugin browser, this release will certainly empower the user like never before!

With much faster navigation, transport, range and tabbing, this makes working with samplitude a real pleasure. The main aim was to transfer over to the default carbon skin, which brings us into line with the majority of Samplitude users, but many more optimizations have been made, along with issues addressed and bug fixes, which means it’s the sleekest version yet!

So, to check out what’s been done and to download the scripts, head over to:
the Downloads page!

Thanks as always go out to the beta team, Len, Phil, Can and Egle for their invaluable input into this project, thanks guys!