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Samplitude Access V5.1.3 released with more features!

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Yes, once again we have another Samplitude Access release, nanely V5.1.3. This is the final actively developed build for Samplitude Pro X3, as focus is now on the hotly released Samplitude Pro X4.

Due to many reasons, the scripts cannot simply be updated to support Samplitude Pro X4, so the decision has been made to end Pro X3 development in order to concentrate on keeping as current as possible. However, if time allows, Samplitude Access V5.1.3 may get updates for any reported bugs. Otherwise, it’s onwards and upwards with X4!

Samplitude Access V5.1.3 continues were V5.1.2 left off, bringing even more features and enhancements to the table. From support for the Remix Agent and Tap Tempo to distructive single file editting, you won’t be disappointed. Add to that you can now adjust the BPM of any existing audio with musical adjustment and edit any tempo marker values. Of course there’s been many performance enhancements, along with bug fixes and optimization, so we’re leaving this build at a point were the blind and visually impaired user has amazing access to this amazing DAW!

For a full rundown on the new features in v5.1.3, please

Thanks as always to the Samplitude Access beta team for all their hard work!