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Samplitude Access V5.1.2 is released with yet more features and key stability fixes.

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Following on from the hugely re-designed V5.1.1 build of Samplitude Access, V5.1.2 is now available. At it’s core, this build takes a big step forward in stability, while still churning out some incredible features.

With the wide ranging amount of systems being used by end users, the main challenge for this build was to create stability. It soon became clear with build V5.1.1 that in some circumstances, the Samplitude UI and needed configuration for the scripts was creating problems. This was due to specific floating windows that could overlay required windows on some systems. As a blind development team, it was incredibly difficult to highlight this issue, but with a huge amount of work and dedication it was addressed.

So, there is now a great deal of confidence that the scripts can continue moving forward…and this build has certainly done that, while incorporating that needed stability! From specific optimization, reducing unwanted code to the addition of many more superb features, this continues the amazing work done so far.

You can now work with audio as low as 1MS, while easily switching to different options to skip through a project with the range of playback and scrubbing choices. Choose between 4 playback speeds and 3 scrubbing options on the fly.

A host of newly arranged keystrokes allow for logical access to key controls, which are all available at your fingertips in the VIP/Arranger. Switch formats, grid, snap and crossfade options to enhance your workflow, while still keeping full control over your project.

From the hobbiest to the power user, Samplitude Access will keep pace with your own personal speed and requirements, while offering help at every step..the only barrier will be your imagination and drive.

One constant aim with Samplitude Access has been that the user should be able to work the same way a sighted user works…andthis build certainly doesn’t move away from this approach.

To download the scripts and to read about everything included in this build, please
Download Samplitude Access V5.1.2 here

As always huge thanks to all the beta team!