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Samplitude Access V9.0 is here!

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It’s been a long time coming, but finally Samplitude Access V9.0 is here! More comprehensive then ever before, this release brings a host of new features to the visually impaired/blind community!

There were many things I wanted to achieve with this build of the scripts, and initially it proved extremely difficult due to the visual nature of how Samplitude works. Previously the Object Editor had to be open in order to get specific information, but with a lot of determination and good luck, I managed to achieve a specific goal of only working within the Arranger. This in turn enabled me to concentrate on aspects of samplitude that I haven’t been able to address previously.

So, with fantastic support from the beta team, this 6 months of hard work has been well worth it! The control we now have over virtually every aspect of Samplitude, especially in the Arranger is amazing.

We have so many more options than ever before in so many areas of samplitude. From more braille support, a host of new time, object and zooming based commands, full control over range and object selection, support for virtually all of the new X5 features to specific querying of positional, object and range information, optional sound feedback, more verbosity options and so much more, it’s taken things to a whole new level!

Many functions have been removed or re-written to make things more stream-lined and efficient. Scripts are all self contained, making translation into other languages now possible, so the hope is to bring this solution to other non English speaking visually impaired/blind users around the world.

Special thanks must go out to
as they are now working with me directly in order to incorporate more native accessibility into Samplitude, which in turn will benefit the whole visually impaired/blind community. So, stay tuned, exciting times ahead!