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Samplitude Access V9.01 minor update: Automation fix and track announcement when extending the range over tracks.

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This Samplitude Access V9.01 build is a minor update that address’s 2 issues from the v9.0 release.

  • It was found that focus could be lost when moving from node to node in the Automation Node Edit dialog, plus there was an unknown function call when opening this dialog.
  • When extending/reducing the range bottom over tracks, the V9.0 build wouldn’t speak the tracks the range was drawn over. This minor update now adds the speaking of tracks.

From now on the plan is to release minor builds often when accessibility is added or issues are identified and addressed, as this allows users to easily access the latest additions and functionality of the scripts. It is also the case when Magix release any Samplitude ProX updates that give further native accessibility, so that we can keep as current as possible with new and exciting features.